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Young Welfare Society (YWS)

Young Welfare Society (YWS)  

is Social Welfare registered not for profit organization and been working since 1995 for providing basic facilities of the life to most underdeveloped population from vulnerable section of the Society in district Khairpur irrespective of cast, religious, creed, dogmas color and sect.

YWS Mughalabad its expertise in providing Quality Education, Health Services to the poorest people from the targeted community

YWS is committed to its mission for fighting the rights of poor people in particular those who are deprived in enjoying their rights and are suppressed being called schedule cast by the influential

YWS seeks for funding in order to provide and ensure the basic amenities and commodities for poor and disadvantaged communities in its operational areas.

Young Welfare Society (YWS) has been running 22 Basic Education community Schools at various villages of Taluka Faiz Ganj and Taluka Mirwah District Khairpur since 1997. In this project YWS have tried to give quality education to the people of remote area. We have appointed qualified teachers and they all are committed with their work so the results of BEC Schools is more better
Young Welfare Society (YWS) has been running Qadir MCH Centre at Akri since 2004 in which maternal and child... more
Young Welfare Society (YWS) has been promoting natural Farming through different technique in various villages.... more
Young Welfare Society (YWS) has been working to empower the women in the field of political and economic... more


Young Welfare Society(YWS) Mughalabad

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