YWS Mughalabad is Social Welfare registered not for profit organization and been working since 1995 for providing basic facilities of the life to most underdeveloped population from vulnerable section of the Society in district Khairpur irrespective of cast, religious, creed, dogmas color and sect.

YWS Mughalabad its expertise in providing Quality Education, Health Services to the poorest people from the targeted community

YWSM is committed to its mission for fighting the rights of poor people in particular those who are deprived in enjoying their rights and are suppressed being called schedule cast by the influential

YWSM seeks for funding in order to provide and ensure the basic amenities and commodities for poor and disadvantaged communities in its operational areas




The people of rural area well educated prosperous with full living accommodation, and the Society based on the principle of equity, justice, participation and accountability




YWSM was setup with the objective to improve the living condition of the poor by creating self reliance among them through a multi sartorial Programme of Health Care, Education, Women & Child Development, Agriculture and Capacity Building of the Community.





YWSM focuses its efforts to evolve develop and sustainable mechanism for the people to organize development Programme and services. This method to works help to organize and mobilize the people and community in a way its release there creative power and dynamic energy. 





1-      To provide Primary Health Care Service especially in the field of maternal and Child Health, awareness regarding health, prevention and treatment of diseases to rural population at gross root level.


2-      To develop rural new generation through providing Standard Basic and Modern Computer Education.


3-      To provide technical and financial assistant to the farmers for introducing Natural Forming practices and through that practices improve our Environment.


4-      Economically and Politically Empowerment to the women through awareness about their right and financial assistant for income generation projects.




Trained Human Resource.

Committed Members.


The logo of the organization is a "Symbol of community participation".




Working with community through participatory approach

Need-based activity planning

Right- based approach




  • Membership Fees

  • Member contribution / donation

  • Consultative Charges

  • Income from Mother & Child Health Centre

  • Funding from National Education Foundation 




Young Welfare Society(YWS) Mughalabad

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